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At the Heurigen Schlossberg you can choose between different premises for your cozy Heurigen evening or celebration.


The modern lounge at the entry is very popular with young families as the children´s playground is suited there. The Heurigen buffet is just next to the Lounge area where you can order cold and warm dishes.

The lounge area is also suitable for larger groups, such as bus groups.

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The current “Vöslauerstüberl” is exactly at that place where a former wine tavern was placed a hundred years ago. The old walls were preserved, and the furniture is in a rustic style. The ceiling is made from wooden beams. This is a very cozy room to spend the evening with your family and friends. The Vöslauerstüberl offers space for up to 45 people..

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The wintergarden is flooded with light as from there you have a wonderful view of Bad Vöslau and the surrounding vineyards. From the wintergarden you can exit the terrace and enjoy cozy summer days. For hot summer days this room has an air condition to cool down. The wintergarden offers space for up to 60 people.

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This area provides a homely atmosphere between the wintergarden and the Vöslauerstüberl. On cold winter days the tiled stove makes it cozy here.

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The main room of the Heurigen Schlossberg is the Schlossbergstüberl. It is a bright room with small niches and cozy corners to enjoy your evening at the Heurigen Schlossberg. A special highlight is the glass bay window with its view of the Vienna basin, surrounded by the vineyards.

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The Soosserstüberl is mainly used for small celebrations or business meetings with up to 30 people. In this room you can also spend a cozy day for two at the Heurigen Schlossberg.

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In the summer season you are very welcome to enjoy the day in our beautiful garden which is just next to the vineyards and provides a fantastic view. Sometimes you can even see deer if you are lucky. No matter whether you prefer to sit in the shade or are a sun worshiper, we have space for every taste.

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If you plan to celebrate a special event, we can offer you premises on the upper floor or in our beautiful wine cellar.

Panorama hall on the upper floor

The panorama hall on the upper floor is only available for private celebrations such as weddings, birthday parties or business meetings. It is suitable for up to 90 people and offers a wonderful view to the Vienna basin. From the panorama hall you have access to a partly covered terrace.

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For larger events we also have the ball room on the upper floor. This is the perfect location for huge events. From the ball room you also have access to a private terrace.

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Vaulted Cellar

The vaulted cellar provides a special flair and is suitable for 40 to 140 people. A modern air condition and underfloor heating makes the cellar very cozy. Weddings, Christmas parties and much more have already been celebrated in the cellar.

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Rarities Cellar

The rarities cellar houses the history of viticulture as well as a small wine museum.

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